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Data analyses & manuscript proposals

  1. Complete the manuscript proposal form and return as an email attachment addressed to:
    Jennifer H. Norbeck, MSW, CCRC

    Forms with incomplete information will be returned without review.

  2. Proposals will be reviewed by the study principal investigators, the HANDLS advisory committee and in selected circumstances on an ad hoc basis by selected experts with expertise relevant to the submitted research proposal.

  3. Decisions will be transmitted electronically to the proposer within one month.

  4. Approved proposals will require investigators to sign:
    • NIA Simple Letter of Agreement or Materials Transfer Agreement
    • HANDLS Collaborative Agreement between NIA and your institution

Agreements will be forwarded by Jennifer Norbeck upon approval of submission. Agreements will need to be reviewed, approved, and signed by proposer's institutional signatory and returned to Jennifer Norbeck within 30 days. Jennifer will then forward to NIA administration for signatures and then to the NIH Technology Transfer Unit for final execution.

Manuscript proposal form

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