Information for collaborators

Data documentation

Data analyses & manuscript proposals

  1. Complete the manuscript proposal form and return as an email attachment addressed to:

    Jennifer H. Norbeck, MSW, CCRC
    410-558-8622 (office)
    443-320-3740 (mobile)

    We encourage collaborators to adhere to the JAMA guidelines for reporting race and ethnicity in medical and science journals in their proposals and publications.

    Forms with incomplete information will be returned without review.

  2. Proposals will be reviewed by the study principal investigators, the HANDLS advisory committee and in selected circumstances on an ad hoc basis by selected experts with expertise relevant to the submitted research proposal.

  3. Decisions will be transmitted electronically to the proposer within one month.

  4. Initiating the transfer of human data with the National Institute on Aging (NIA) requires a collaboration agreement signed by the proposing investigator and their institutional official who has the authority to enter into agreements with external institutions. Approved proposals will require the proposing investigator and an institutional official to sign a collaboration agreement for the transfer of human data with the NIA. The agreements are project specific and specify whether any personally identifying information (PII) was requested. Investigators with multiple projects may have more than one agreement on file depending on the aims of the project. The HANDLS advisory committee will determine whether a new agreement or amendment is required when they review investigator's proposal. Upon approval of the proposed submission, agreements will be forwarded to the investigator by the HANDLS Study Manager or by a representative from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) NIH Technology Transfer Unit. The proposer and their institutional official shall review, approve, and sign the agreement and return it to the sender within 30 days. The NIH Technology Transfer Unit will obtain NIA approval for final execution of the agreement. You may request your data from the HANDLS Statistician after you receive the fully executed copy of the collaborative agreement.

Manuscript proposal form

Support for grant submission

    Researchers with grant submissions which will use HANDLS data as part of the proposed work should submit their draft grant application (without financial information) 6 weeks before the due date. HANDLS can provide a letter of support. Collaborators should not submit a manuscript proposal until their proposal receives funding.

    Submission for letter of support should be sent to:

    Jennifer H. Norbeck, MSW, CCRC
    410-558-8622 (office)
    443-320-3740 (mobile)

    Proposals will be reviewed by the study principal investigators. If approved, then we will draft a letter of support and submit it for clearance by the Office of the Scientific Director at NIA. After it is cleared, we will send the letter to the researcher for inclusion with their grant submission.

    After the grant is awarded collaborators may submit their manuscript proposal form following instructions above for data analyses, manuscript proposals, and required data use agreements (DUA).

Publication & presentation clearance

    All public presentations resulting from HANDLS data require NIH/NIA clearance. This includes posters, oral presentations, abstracts, and journal publications (NIH policy manual). The process includes two steps detailed below. Please allow enough time for clearance before any submission deadlines. Authors must submit their final manuscripts at least two weeks before their submission deadlines.

    First, all authors must review and approve the scientific work including NIH/NIA authors. Second, after all authors approve the work, it must be submitted to NIA for clearance. All materials must be emailed to your NIA collaborator (either Michele Evans or Alan Zonderman) at least two weeks ahead of submission deadlines. The materials must contain the title, authors, affiliations, text, any figures or attachments, and conference or journal name. Scientific works are not to be submitted for publication or to conferences before clearance is obtained.

    Your NIA collaborator will notify you when your materials have been approved for clearance. You may submit your materials after clearance is approved.

    Please also note that all peer-reviewed publications using HANDLS data must be submitted to the National Library of Medicine's PubMed Central as per NIH Public Access Policy.

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