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The National Institute on Aging is conducting a study of age-related health disparities in Baltimore called Healthy Aging in Neighborhoods of Diversity across the Life Span (HANDLS). The National Institute on Aging is one of 27 institutes and centers of the National Institutes of Health. The National Institute on Aging is one of three institutes of the National Institutes of Health that are located in Baltimore.

HANDLS is looking at health issues, problems, and concerns in communities all over Baltimore. The purpose of the study is to understand some of the diseases related to aging in African Americans and whites in Baltimore. We want to discover why some people are healthier as they get older. It will help us learn about changes in health over time. Ultimately, this will be a long-term observational study in which participants will have state-of-the-art medical evaluations every three years over the next two decades.

We are doing this study using three mobile medical research vehicles. These vehicles serve as community-based platforms for clinical research. The vehicles will bring the study to you as participants in the community. We hope this will make it possible for more people to participate than in traditional hospital-based studies.

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